Rod Holder Accessories

Backing Plates

For the “Ultimate Installation” use our stainless steel backing plates. They are constructed from heavy gauge type 316 stainless plate and have built in safety eyes on both sides. Available in two sizes, the RH5931 accommodates MEDIUM 30,15, 0 degree rod holders in gunnels up to 1-1/2” thick. The RH5930 accommodates HEAVY 30, 15, 0 degrees rod holders in gunnels up to 1-3/4” thick. Both come complete with stainless bolts, locknuts and washers for a maximum strength installation.

RH5931 - Medium 
Fits All Angles
Backing Plates Hardware Included
RH5930 - Heavy
Fits All Angles
Backing Plate Hardware Included

Replacement Vinyl Rubber Inserts Available for all sizes of Rod Holders

30º 15º

Medium Insert




Fits Rod Holders
with an OD of 2 in.
RH525, RH525SS, RH5325, RH525SS/XS RH529H, RH529HS, RH5329H, RH529HS/XS RH527V, RH527VS, RH5329V, RH527VS/XS, RH5112, RH552CB, RH552XL

Heavy Insert




Fits Rod Holders
with an OD of 2 1/4 in.
RH530, RH530SS, RH5330, RH530SS/XS, RH575 RH534H, RH34HS, RH5334H, RH534HS/XS, RH579H RH532V, RH532VS, RH5332V, RH532VS/XS, CH110, RH5115,

Extra Long Insert




Fits Rod Holders
with an OD of 2 1/4 in.
RH575XL RH579XL RH577XL, RH570XL

Aluminum Rod Holders




Fits All Clamp-On Rod Holder and Side Mount

Rod Butt Extender

Stainless Steel Rod Butt Extender enables short butt rods to lock onto pin in heavy rodholders.