Carbonfiber Poles

Using advanced aerospace technology, Lee’s Tackle is proud to introduce an outrigger that is almost half the weight and significantly stronger than a traditional aluminum outrigger pole. Made from uniquely engineered, one piece, semi-tapered tubes of incredible strength. The tubes are made of continuously braided carbon filaments that are woven on a specially designed mandrel and optimized to withstand the stresses of pulling large lures, big baits and spreader bars. These are the outriggers of choice for the sportsman who demands the best products available.

  • Features:
  • Light Weight – Makes deployment, retrieval, raising and lowering a breeze.
  • Strength – Spreaders become unnecessary.
  • Internal halyards – double rigging is standard.
  • Pre-Rigged – 400 lb. black mono.
  • Glossy clear coat finish is standard – custom paint colors are available.
  • Double Rigged
  • CX3916 - 16 ft. One piece/Semi Taper
  • CX3918 - 18 ft. One piece/Semi Taper
  • CX3920 - 20 ft. One piece/Semi Taper
  • Single Rigged
  • CX3915 - 15 ft. One piece/Semi Taper
  • Center Rigger
  • CX8712CR - 12 ft. One piece/Semi Taper
  • CX8715CR - 15 ft. One piece/Semi Taper