Aluminum Clamp-on Rod Holders

Aluminum rod holders that are as beautiful as they are functional. With no hassle or wear and tear on your boat you can install these rod holders with only an Allen Wrench. No lengthy trips to the tower builder for custom installation at custom prices. Simply place the two halves of the clamp around the pipe, insert the bolts and tighten. Install them wherever you like. If later, you don't like the position, simply move them.

These Rod Holders are the perfect solution for boats with wiring or hydraulic lines inside their tower legs. Now you can install Rod Holders on your Tower, Hard Top, T-Top, Radar Arch, Rails, Poling Platform or any structure made from standard size aluminum pipe. Constructed from Marine Grade Tubing, these Holders are anodized in either Gold or Silver after fabrication for 100% anodized protection. Black or White powder coat finish is also available. Holders are available in horizontal, vertical and 45 degree mounting styles. Avalible in five sizes. See Our Pipe Size Charts below to determine what size is needed. Click her for a printable  Pipe Size Measuring Tape [pdf]


45 Degree



“Left Hand”
“Right Hand”
RA5001 RA5201 RA5145-1101 RA5145-1102 Fits Size #1
RA5002 RA5202 RA5145-1201 RA5145-1202 Fits Size #2
RA5003 RA5203 RA5145-1301 RA5145-1302 Fits Size #3
RA5004 RA5204 RA5145-1401 RA5145-1402 Fits Size #4
RA5005 RA5205 RA5145-1501 RA5145-1502 Fits Size #5
COLOR CODE: SL = Silver, GL = Gold, BK = Black, WH = White


Pipe Size Chart  

Number Schedule Pipe Size
  • Actual Pipe
  • Outside
  • Diameter Inches
Fractional Pipe O.D. (Approximate)
  • Pipe Circumference
  • Actual Pipe Outside Diameter mm
1 "3/4" in-p 1.050 1-1/16" 3-5/16" 26.7
2 "1" in-p 1.315 1-5/16" 4-1/8" 33.4
3 "1 1/4" in-p 1.660 1-21/32" 5-7/32" 42.2
4 "1 1/2" in-p 1.900 1-7/8" 5-31/32" 48.3
5 "2" in-p 2.375 2-3/8" 7-15/32" 60.3

Click here for printable  Pipe Size Measuring Tape [pdf]

For pipes that are smaller than our standard clamp size, we offer adapters.


Clamp-On Adapters
RA5999-0750 RA ADAPTER # 1 to 3/4 in OD
RA5999-0875 RA ADAPTER # 1 to 7/8 in OD
RA5999-1000 RA ADAPTER # 1 to 1 in OD
RA5999-1125 RA ADAPTER # 2 to 1 1/8 in OD
RA5999-1188 RA ADAPTER # 2 to 1 3/16 in OD
RA5999-1250 RA ADAPTER # 2 to 1 1/4 in OD
RA5999-1375 RA ADAPTER # 3 to 1 3/8 in OD
RA5999-1500 RA ADAPTER # 3 to 1 1/2 in OD
RA5999-1750 RA ADAPTER # 4 to 1 3/4 in OD
RA5999-2000 RA ADAPTER # 5 to 2 in OD

Click here for printable  Pipe Size Measuring Tape [pdf]

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