About Us

Thank you for choosing Lee’s Tackle Products as your preferred line of salt water sport fishing equipment.

Lee’s Tackle, Inc., is a fourth generation, family owned and operated business that began in 1920 when Edward J. Lee opened a retail fishing store in Miami, Florida. In the mid 1930s, motivated by his love of fishing and his passion for innovation, Roswell E. Lee, Sr., began manufacturing big game fishing reels, rod holders and fighting chairs. His innovative designs revolutionized the sport fishing industry. He was the first to use aluminum tubing in the fabrication of outriggers. He also designed and patented the fishing rod Roller Top. Today, most of his designs are still in production.

Over the years, Lee’s has continued to introduce exciting new products to the world of salt water sport fishing. Our product line has expanded to include over 46 distinct rod holder models, 8 styles of outrigger holders, outrigger poles from 11 to 46 feet in length, as well as, many other miscellaneous sport fishing products. Lee’s Tackle leads the sport fishing industry with innovative ideas and precision engineering. Our designs continue to be the most copied throughout the industry.

For over 100 years, we have had an established reputation for building the highest quality precision equipment using the finest marine materials. From its humble beginning in 1920, Lee’s Tackle has evolved into a multi-million dollar international company with worldwide sales. Our success and reputation are the result of our creative ideas, precision engineering, high quality materials and outstanding workmanship. Today, two generations of Lees proudly carry on this tradition of excellence. The Lee’s Tackle family consists of highly skilled, hard working craftsmen and artisans who pride themselves on producing the highest quality products. Constantly challenging ourselves to improve processes and produce better products, we are dedicated to continuing our leadership role in today’s marine industry. Inspired by your confidence in us, and your loyalty to our product lines, we continually strive to bring you exciting new products that go beyond your expectations.